March 8, 2017

Statement on International Women’s Day

“Today, as we observe International Women’s Day, we stand with women of all backgrounds and pay tribute to their immeasurable value in our economy, our culture, and our lives. We stand united to fight for equal pay for equal work and for women’s rights to make their own reproductive and healthcare decisions free of interference from employers and the government. Women deserve the opportunity to have a high-quality education, economic security and opportunity, and to be free from the discrimination, harassment, and violence that women so often face in workplaces, homes, classrooms, and on the street.  

I was raised by a strong woman, I am married to a strong woman, and I am raising a strong woman. As a proud feminist and the Vice-Chair of Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington Action Fund, I know that when women are empowered, our communities are stronger. So, I stand in solidarity with those participating in “A Day Without A Woman” today and honor their courage. And, I pledge to continue to fight until all women’s rights are guaranteed.

– Justin Fairfax, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia